Table of Contents


Chapter I

Airport Adventures

Chapter II

More Airport Adventures

or Everyting Negotiable

Chapter III

We Arrive At Our Destination - Finally!

Chapter IV

HEDO at last! or HOLY SMOKES!!

Those People Are-!?!

Chapter V

TexasT’s and The Queen Take the Plunge or Oh My Gawd! What have We Gotten Into

Chapter VI

The LAY of the Land

Chapter VII

A HARD Rain Gonna Fall!

Chapter VIII

Texas T’s and The Queen go Hedonistic

Chapter IX

Drop ‘Em Cowboy!

Chapter X

Doin’ the Tourist Thang!

Chapter XI

Gettin’ Rubbed the RIGHT Way!

Chapter XII

The Queen and TexasT’s Are Settled In...or

Am I Getting Too Old To Party All Night

Chapter XIII

No Sheet, No Eat. That’s no Bullsheet!

Chapter XIV

TexasT’s and the Queen Get Evicted or

Whattayamean I Gotta Go Back

An After Word or Two